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Product Search - Sun Perennials - Echinacea-Coneflower


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‘Giddy Pink’ Echinacea
‘Giddy Pink’ Ec...
Echinacea ‘Giddy Pink’
$21.95  $13.77
Artisan Red Ombre Echinacea
Artisan Red Omb...
Echinacea Artisan™ Red Ombre
$21.95  $13.77
Butterfly 'Orange Skipper' PPAF
Butterfly 'Oran...
Dozens of blooms for mo...
$18.95  $11.33
Butterfly™ 'Rainbow Marcella' PPAF
Butterfly™ 'Rai...
Dozen's of blooms all s...
$19.95  $12.88
'Cheyenne Spirit'  Conefower
'Cheyenne Spiri...
Colorful mixed blooms!
$16.95  $9.77
'Delicious Candy' Coneflower
'Delicious Cand...
Attrative & fragrant!
$18.95  $12.77
'Double Scoop Bubble Gum'
'Double Scoop B...
Double scoop!
$17.95  $12.33
'Double Scoop Cranberry'  ppaf
'Double Scoop C...
Double scoop fantastic!
$17.95  $12.77
Double Scoop Mandarin
Double Scoop Ma...
Long lasting fragrant b...
$17.95  $12.88
Double Scoop Orange Berry
Double Scoop Or...
Multicolored double blo...
$17.95  $12.88
'Double Scoop Raspberry'
'Double Scoop R...
Dahlia looking blooms
$17.95  $12.95
Echinacea Artisan Collection Soft Orange
Echinacea Artis...
Echinacea Artisan™ Collection
$22.95  $12.33
Echinacea Butterfly  ‘Golden Skipper’
Echinacea Butte...
Echinacea Butterfly™ ‘Golden S
$17.95  $12.77
Echinacea Butterfly Postman
Echinacea Butte...
Echinacea Butterfly™ Postman
$17.95  $12.33
Echinacea 'Canary Feathers' PPAF EYE-CATCHER™ Collection
Echinacea 'Cana...
Echinacea 'Canary Feathers' PP
$18.95  $12.77
Echinacea 'Frankly Scarlet' COLOR CODED® Collection
Echinacea 'Fran...
Echinacea 'Frankly Scarlet' PP
$21.92  $13.95
Echinacea LAKOTA™ Fire LAKOTA™ Series
Echinacea LAKOT...
Echinacea LAKOTA™ Fire LAKOTA™
$19.95  $13.77
Echinacea p. 'Doubledecker'
Echinacea p. 'D...
A two-tiered purple con...
$19.95  $12.88
Echinacea PRIMA Saffron
Echinacea PRIMA...
Echinacea PRIMA™ Saffron
$21.95  $12.95
Echinacea 'Tanager' EYE-CATCHER Collection
Echinacea 'Tana...
Echinacea 'Tanager' EYE-CATCHE
$22.95  $13.77
'Fine Feathered Parrot' Coneflower
'Fine Feathered...
$19.95  $12.77
'Firebird' Coneflower
'Firebird' Cone...
Shuttlecock-type flowers!
$19.95  $12.33
'Flame Thrower' ppaf
'Flame Thrower'...
Hot! 3 1/2 inch blooms
$15.95  $11.23
'Flamingo' Fine Feathered Coneflower
'Flamingo' Fine...
Echinacea 'Fine Feathered Flam
$21.95  $12.77
'Fragrant Angel'  Coneflower
'Fragrant Angel...
Large Fragrant Flowers!
$15.95  $12.33
'Green Jewel' Coneflower
'Green Jewel' C...
Fragrant light green fl...
$16.95  $12.77
'Green Twister'  Coneflower
'Green Twister'...
Echinacea 'Green Twister'
$16.95  $11.77
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