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Product Details - Sedum adolphii Golden Glow

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Sedum adolphii Golden Glow

Sedum adolphii Succulents
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Item Sedum adolphii Succulents
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Height: 8 inches Spread: inches
Bloom Season: Fall Container Plant
Drought Tolerant Evergreen
Flower Color: White Hardiness Zone: 10, 11, 9
NEW FOR 2017 New Plant
Perennial Sold in 3.5" Container
Succulent Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade
Unique Foliage  

Easy to grow drought tolerant!

Sedum adolphii is a lovely high colored tender succulent
Grows up to 8 inches tall
Rangy creeper, developing casual rosettes of football shaped yellow green leave up to 1.4 inches long
Only when grown in the sun do they take on the orange-red highlights that make it a visual delight
Produce new leaves at the center, shedding the oldest at the edges
Cream colored flower heads at the tips in spring
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